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About Us

Airport Development Partners SA is a private aviation consulting and investment firm dedicated to the sustainable development of regional hubs and ‘secondary’ airports, primarily in Europe.

By developing its growth potential and the breadth and quality of its services, an airport can make a significant contribution to economic competitiveness, job creation, to the region´s image – and to a country´s international reputation.

Since our establishment in 2007, we have been advising clients such as airport operators or government authorities on airside and landside development. We also advise governments on the strategic development of their airport infrastructure through different procurement options. Recognizing our expertise and reputation in Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), the United Nations has appointed Airport Development Partners SA in 2015 to lead an international team of experts developing world-wide standards for airport PPPs.

In May 2018, we entered into a Joint Venture with the Amsterdam Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure Development (, enabling government clients to access a comprehensive, cross-sector spectrum of PPP trainings, workshops and simulations.

Airport Development Partners SA, an affiliate of Westcore Properties, is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.